Film composer Hans Zimmer coming to town
By: Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle

Hans Zimmer doesn't tour much, probably on account of his ridiculous schedule scoring films and polishing up all his awards. His credits include the Oscar-winning score for "The Lion King," music for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series and much of Christopher Nolan's work including "The Dark Knight" trilogy.
He's a rock star of the film world, which explains his slot at the mega-music festival Coachella.
And he'll bring the Hans Zimmer Live on Tour 2017 show to the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land on July 14.
The show is described as "a multi-layered experience for concertgoers and a must-see concert event, featuring career-spanning music from Zimmer's multi-decade career."
That's a fancy way of saying it will touch on his very familiar film scores for films like "Gladiator" and "The Lion King," with a second part in which he reimagines and reconfigures some of his pieces for films like "Inception" with some guest performers.

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