Smart Financial Presents Back The Blue Fundraiser To Benefit Sugar Land CPAAA
Smart Financial will present the Second Annual Back the Blue fundraiser in support of the Sugar Land Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (SLCPAAA) on Thursday, October 11th at 6:00PM. The SLCPAAA is a 501(c)(3), fully volunteer organization that funds crime prevention programs, purchases much needed law enforcement equipment, and engages in volunteer activities that assist the Sugar Land Police Department efforts.

Last year’s Back the Blue event raised $75,000 which was the most successful fundraiser to date for the SLCPAAA. This year’s goal is to double the proceeds to $150,000, with the charge being led by co-chairs KK and Scott West and Amy West and Gary Becker.

The men and women of the Sugar Land Police Department leave their families every day and risk their lives to protect us. As a result of their efforts, in 2018 placed Sugar Land in the Top 50 of the Safest Cities to Retire in America. While the officers of the Sugar Land Police Department are keeping our community safe, what can we do to ensure their safety?

Funds raised will provide life-saving equipment (like medical bags in patrol cars that could save lives of private citizens as well as police officers), tactical vests and other equipment that greatly increases the chances of officer survival when faced with an attack. Additionally, funds will be used to purchase new crime fighting technology and training equipment that will support the Sugar Land Police Department’s continued efforts to make Sugar Land safer than ever before. Sugar Land Police Chief Robins says, “We are so grateful to our community for all the support it has given us through the years. We would not be as successful as we are without our citizens and community partners.”

Gary Becker, President of Smart Financial Centre, promises, “Back the Blue will be like no event you’ve ever seen. Prior to dinner in the lobby, guests can interact with some members of Sugar Land Police Department, test their skills in simulated interactions with the bad guys, see some hi-tech CSI investigative techniques, and learn more about public safety. After dinner, the event will move into the theater for a live concert performed by a well-known, national touring band. Entertainment has been underwritten by one of our caring and generous community leaders. The Smart Financial Centre stage has state of the art audio and lighting. The acoustics are phenomenal. This is a show you won’t want to miss.”

According to Captain Chris Thompson, all a police officer really wants to know is that the community they serve appreciates what they do. He says, “Our officers feel that appreciation every day in Sugar Land. They really enjoy their jobs. They come to work happy. They come to work ready to serve.”

Be a part of this year’s Back the Blue fundraiser on October 11th where you can show your appreciation and support for those who protect and serve our community.
More information can be found under the Back The Blue event page, here: Second Annual Back The Blue Event

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